When I was a kid, my parents took me out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant. I usually stuck to what I knew I already liked when I ordered at restaurants but something I had never had before caught my eye. It was my very first taste of I potato gnocchi! I was amazed by its soft pillowy texture, it was like no pasta I had ever tried before.

Since then I have grown to love gnocchi even more if thats actually possible! I have tried many different recipes over the years but I have found that a recipe turns into more of a guide. The ingredient used need to be adjusted for each batch and it’s more about feel than it is about exact measurements.

If you have never had gnocchi before, I implore you to try it! You wont be disappointed!

Vegan potato Gnocchi


4 Cups plain mashed potatoes
2 Cups flour
2 tsp salt


Start by placing your mashed potatoes into a large mixing bowl. Mix in your salt and then slowly start adding in the flour. When all the flour is combined or if you reach a non-sticky doughy consistency before all the flour is added then stop! you now have your dough.

roll out a portion of dough into a 1 inch thick log and cut it into 1/2 inch pieces. In order to get the lines on your gnocchi you can either purchase a gnocchi board or use the fork technique. Just roll each piece of pasta on the tines of a floured fork.

When you are all done making your gnocchi you can cook them. Throw the amount you want to cook into a pot of boiling water. Once the gnocchi start to float take them out immediately, they are done! Now toss in your desired sauce and enjoy.

Freezer Tip: You can keep any left over gnocchi in the freezer and cook them the same way as when they were fresh. When they float they are done.